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If you are experiencing health challenges or simply would like to maintain a balanced healthy life and optimise longevity, 1:1 sessions are a chance for you to receive individualised nutrition and lifestyle recommendations that will help you achieve your goals. Juliana designs bespoke plans that integrate naturopathic, nutritional and Functional Medicine principles, aimed at addressing the precursors of your health issues, supporting you nutritionally and biochemically.


In an initial consultation, which lasts approximately 1 hour, time will be spent on a comprehensive evaluation which will allow the gathering of an in-depth picture of your current health concerns as well as your past history. During this session, your goals will be identified and your nutritional intake, as well as your lifestyle habits, will be assessed. A broad variety of other body processes including your gut and cardiovascular health, hormones as well as detoxification capabilities, immune function and mitochondrial health will be evaluated to find out how these systems may relate to the health challenges you may be experiencing.

Prior to your first consultation, you will be asked to complete a consent form and a health questionnaire, which will provide valuable information about your diet, lifestyle, medical history and the general health status of your body systems.

These will be sent to you by email and you are required to complete the forms and send them back prior to your consult. Any tests which may have been ordered by your GP or other practitioners should be brought to the initial consultation.

After the consultation, you will receive a personalised programme by email which will include dietary and lifestyle recommendations, as well as a supplement protocol as appropriate. Juliana designs plans that are not only tailored to be safe, realistic and effective but also aimed at imparting knowledge and strategies that can enable you to understand the principles behind the recommendations. The foundation of all transformation is knowledge.


Follow up consultations are approximately 45 minutes long. The frequency of appointments as well as the number of total appointments is dependent on your individual needs. In order to review the changes you have implemented, monitor your progress, discuss any challenges you may have experienced and adjust your programme accordingly, it is suggested that the plan is reviewed every 6-8 weeks. If any functional laboratory tests have been performed, a follow-up appointment is necessary before results are released.

Functional Nutrition
focuses on the 7 fundamental
biological body systems

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    Gut Health

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    Inflammation and Immunity

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    Cellular Integrity

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    Metabolic Health

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    Hormonal and Neurotransmitter Balance

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    Mitochondrial Health and Energy

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An array of cutting edge functional laboratory tests are available and will be recommended where deemed necessary. Such tests, which are optional, may involve blood, saliva, urine and stool sample testing. The further insight into your genetic, nutritional and biochemical status gives a clear direction and scientific certainty for a more targeted and individualised nutrition strategy.

The sophisticated laboratory investigations available include blood chemistry, nutritional, gastrointestinal, hormonal, cardiovascular, genetic, metabolic, autoimmune and parasitology testing, and are carried out by recognised UK medical laboratories.

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You can schedule to have your appointment in the comfort of your home, which may be anywhere in the world, and enjoy the flexibility and convenience of receiving the same high-quality level of dietary support and advice online via Zoom or Skype, or telephone. Consultations can be done in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

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Science Based

The analyses of robust, evidence-based scientific research guide the development of all strategies and recommendations.


Individual Centred

We are all biochemically unique. Health and wellness protocols are tailored to your individual metabolic and genetic needs.


Nutrition + Lifestyle

Functional Nutrition is more than simply dispensing nutritional supplements. It considers your physiological, emotional, cognitive and physical health.


the root cause

Symptoms are an external manifestation of an internal imbalance. Whilst symptom management is important, finding the root cause of unwellness is key.


Your body is

Your body's natural processes are facilitated by the removal of obstacles to health and the identification of interventions that enhance it's capacity for self-regulation and healing.


Prevention is
better than cure

Specific lifestyle and nutritional strategies are aimed at preventing the onset of further imbalances and diseases of ageing.

Through Functional Nutrition,
it is possible to get to the heart of numerous health challenges, including:

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    Food allergies & intolerances

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    Digestive complaints

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    Thyroid and Adrenal health

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    Autoimmune conditions

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    Type 2 Diabetes

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    Cardiovascular health & Cholesterol management

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    Detoxification processes

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    Hormonal imbalances

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    Headaches / Migraines

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    Inflammatory conditions (i.e. Arthritis)

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    Asthma, Hay Fever & Sinus problems

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    Sleep disorders

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    ME & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome